Number of nights?
We suggest max. 3 nights, which can then be re-negotiated and possibly extended following payment.

New guests in the bed.
We suggest a arrangements for extra guests beforehand. Not the morning after.

“Feel at home”
A fresh lover or inebriation is not an obvious thing to bring into the private nature of the Writer/Host agreement. Guests and extra-excited behaviour should probably only be by clear, prior arrangement, to keep everyone happy.

How much would you bring to a normal hotel room?

If fixed price, then €20 pr. night?
We find €20 reasonable for night-overs in Western Europe, as it is close to 2 hours of paid work at minimum wage after taxes, and very close to what people themselves pay for 1 room. We invite suggestions for the price level in other cultures based on the same model: Interest in literature and the people, who create it.

What do I write in a host profile?
You say if you prefer quiet guests, who keep to themselves, or that you can cook, or that you enjoy conversations as they come about naturally, or that you smoke or do not smoke, don’t care for drink or don’t mind it. Or that the bed is soft, or hard, or medium, or that the room faces the street or has sunlight – or what ever you would need to tell any guest sleeping in your home. If you yourself is a published writer of any kind, maybe mentioning that could be a good idea. Or bad. It depends.

How do I present myself as a writer?
You begin by stating your literary profil, and then add the list of redeeming sides from the best of your behaviour. Also, you can say which languages you can communicate in, and if you have technical skills or care to cook, and if you like to sleep in, and if you need a desk to write on, and if you prefer silence. Since a profile covers the general aspects, you can leave reasons for travelling until personal correspondence.

Answers not found here on the FAQ-page:
General problems not found answered in the FAQ can be addressed in the comments on the entry page. Or you can take the long way round and ask us a question hérethat may take a while.

Will my behavior as a writer/host person be judged?:
It sure will. And hopefully highly appreciated. That is, for the larger part, up to you. Later on we may install a STAR rating system, so everyone can appreciate your charm, wit, humanity, social skills and hospitality broken down into decimals on the 10-star scale. But until then you are on your own. 😀



Who is Write’n’Sleep?
Write’n’Sleep was initiated by the International Committee @ the Danish Union of Writers as a way of strengthening the foundations of literature. The idea is that if all literary groupings and unions of the world manage [applications] in their own country and areas of geographic knowledge, the literati of the world could soon have a wider and stronger network with literary supporters than at present.

Who manages the web page?
Kenneth Krabat is the idea man and as such laden with the responsibility for the mechaniacs of access. But very soon his technical skills will be surpassed by ambition and necessity, and as such he is already asking for help to expand the framework – for it to become more secure and easy to navigate for all hosts and writers using it to meet up. So far prestige and partaking in a global project for literature is the only reward, but we are not adverse to collecting a small fee for registration. By all means – writers and their unions are rarely wealthy – and running a service like this is not entirely gratis. [November 2015]

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