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This form is the first proof-of-concept on the road to figuring the parameters of a functioning site. You are welcome to sign on, if you are Danish – to grow the list of hosts in Denmark. Once the new design is done you will have to re-sign up, though. International application it cannot handle yet, sorry, but thank you for your interest – do spread the word. Meet you later.

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Should a password not be anonymity enough for you, please indicate a desired screen name. 

If you are a writer and you want to be able to find a bed abroad for little money, please register your literary CV, photographic likeness and contact info.

If you would be a host and have writers sleep in your private home, please state your whereabouts and upload a photo and your profile.

We will not censure your admission to the network –  are you a host your guests will see your presentation, and vice versa. You have an option to chose an anonymous screen name, but if due to political persecution you need to travel in greater anonymity, firstly we would refer you to your national chapter of PEN. And if that is out of the question, write to us [here] and we will see what is possible. 

If we approve your application, you will be given an account as Host or/and Writer.

Thank you for showing interest.

the Write’n’Sleep Team


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